Driving lessons in Bolton with Andy1st driving school

First Three Driving Lessons (beginners offer) £45
1 Hour Driving Lesson £23
10 Driving Lessons : Block Booking £220
Pass Plus Courses £155
Refresher Driving Lessons £25
Intensive Driving Course : 20 hours £440

*Automatic lessons in Leicester are


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Here at Andy1st in Bolton we are pleased to welcome you to our site. We offer high quality driving tuition at prices to suit everyone. We have a range of instruction packages which take into account your budget and your spare time. We have expert driving instructors who are patient, reliable and understanding. We have both male and female driving instructors and provide tuition in both manual and automatic cars. We can offer intensive courses or regular lessons. Please read on for further information.

Bolton is a super town in Greater Manchester which is a former mill town. Your lessons will take you all round Bolton and the surrounding smaller towns and villages. Your driving instructor in Bolton will be familiar with the area and will be able to show you popular routes and road traffic areas that will allow you to get out and about once you’ve passed your test. We are totally committed to not only showing you the basics and necessities for driving but to ensuring you pass with confidence. We strongly believe that spending time preparing for your life on the roads alone is imperative for staying safe on our busy roads today.

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So, how would you like your learning package to look? Well, we can say one thing for certain; it will be very different from someone in your family or one of your friends. Why? Well, we all learn in different ways and at different speeds. Some people learn more effectively by reading information or watching what happens. Others learn more effectively by practical means, i.e. actually doing the activity they are learning. We have found that some people pick up manouvres very quickly; others struggle a bit and need more support in that area. This is why we have devised learning packages that are individually designed to suit you, the way in which you learn and the speed at which you learn.

We have found that this way of teaching not only focusses on areas where individuals need more teaching but it saves time and money for pupils in the long run. We will not waste time or money on going over and over areas where we deem you to be proficient as this wastes everyone’s time. We concentrate on parts of the process where you need the most tuition. We always ensure that the areas that need to be covered are done so obviously and simply brush up on them to make sure you are ready for your test.

We want you to feel at ease, safe and comfortable when taking your lessons as well as having a good time whilst learning. It has been proven that people learn more effectively if they are enjoying what they are doing so our instructors try and remove some of the stress and worry and make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Our instructors won’t shout, get frustrated or make you feel pressurised. You will be treated with respect at all times and your safety will be paramount.     

Our instructors are also very flexible and can deliver lessons at a time that is right for you. We understand the difficulties life throws at us sometimes; having to work late, run the kids here, there and everywhere and trying to get assignments completed so we provide lessons at a time that is convenient to you and your busy life.  You may require lessons early in the morning before work or college. You may prefer to take them at the weekend - we will try to accommodate you wherever possible. We will also collect you from a place that is convenient to you. Perhaps you’d like to be collected from college or work, have your lesson and then be dropped back home. Again, where possible we will try and make this happen for you.

You can opt for the traditional way of taking lessons and have a regular lesson, say once a week. That way, you can book it at the same day every week and be able to spread the cost of your lessons. Alternatively you can book an intensive driving course which simply condenses the learning into a very short space of time but is a lot more intense. You will drive for up to 5 hours a day in order to get up to the standard required for your test. This type of course does not suit everyone as it is, as the name suggests, intense. Your instructor will assess you beforehand to determine whether or not this course is the right one for you.

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Here at Andy1st, one of the fastest growing driving schools in the country, have some of the best driving instructors in the country. We look forward to hearing from you soon and taking you on this exciting journey.