Automatic driving lessons ion Bolton with Andy1st driving school

Andy1st in Bolton are experts at providing a high standard of driving tuition in both manual and automatic cars. The choice of either manual or automatic transmission is down to the individual and there are many reasons and pros and cons for both. Our instructors will be happy to discuss the options with you as part of their initial assessment. We have both male and female driving instructors who can teach in manual and automatic cars. You can even choose how you learn by picking from a wide range of packages to suit your time and budget constraints. Let us tell you a bit more about learning to drive in an automatic car.

Technology has moved on a pace since the first automatic cars were manufactured. They were initially seen as clumpy, old fashioned vehicles that sucked up a huge amount of fuel. This is not the case now. So many more car manufacturers offer automatic options in their portfolios giving the customer a wider choice. Not only that but the demand for automatic cars is increasing with lots of city and town drivers choosing an automatic gearbox simply for the ease of it.

Your instructor will be able to gauge whether or not an automatic car would be more beneficial to you. Some of our pupils who have specific physical needs find an automatic car a lifeline for them. They may have struggled to drive a manual car due to knee problems or restricted mobility in some way. Being able to drive an automatic car allows them the freedom to get out and about.  

Some of our more nervous drivers prefer an automatic car as well. The pressure of hill starts and constant clutch control is removed when driving a car with an automatic gearbox. Our inexperienced and anxious pupils feel as though the worry and stress is removed and it helps them build their confidence more. For those of our pupils who will go on to predominantly drive around towns and cities then the automatics are much more ankle friendly! With the many road works on our roads today and the sheer volume of traffic our ankles feel the pain due constant stopping and starting and clutch control. This discomfort and stress is removed when driving an automatic car. You also don’t have the worry of putting the car into the incorrect gear as the car does it all itself. Let us take some time to briefly explain how the automatic transmission works.

In an automatic transmission car the car automatically changes gear as the vehicle moves, freeing the driver from having to shift gears manually. Most automatic transmissions have a defined set of gear ranges, often with a parking feature that locks the output shaft of the transmission stopping  the vehicle from rolling either forward or backward. In order to get the car moving, the driver needs to select the driving mode. With your foot on the accelerator and the brake freed, the car will propel itself forward. The car will then automatically move through the gears depending on how fast or slow it is going.  Just like a manual car, the automatic gearbox’s job is to allow the engine to operate through a range of speeds.

This refined technology allows the car to travel at the appropriate gear setting according to the speed in which it is travelling. If you have ever heard or felt a manual car travelling in the incorrect gear, it is quite obvious. A car travelling only in 3rd gear will find it difficult to move off from a stationary position yet will be screeching when it hits 80mph. The car would soon become undriveable.

The only gears you will need to use are the Park, Drive and Reverse. The others will sort themselves out. When you pull away from traffic lights or islands, the car will do it for you without the need for you depressing the clutch and finding the bite in 1st gear. This makes for a very smooth drive. Slowing down and stopping is easier in an automatic car. However, you must remember that an automatic gear box does not respond as quickly as manual to easing off the gas, so the ability of the engine brake to slow the car is severely reduced. The transmission will automatically work its way down the gears as you slow down, so you are always in the correct gear. This is a great help at junctions and any other situation where you need to slow down, as it allows you to focus on observations and safety rather than changing gear.

We hope this has explained the mechanics of automatic cars and helped you make a decision on whether this is the right transmission choice for you. We look forward to hearing from you.