Female driving instructors in Bolton with Andy1st driving instructors

Here at Andy1st driving school in Bolton we try and accommodate our entire pupil’s needs. This can be anything from providing surprise lessons for a special occasion or offering gift vouchers to help someone along with their lessons. We can provide manual or automatic driving lessons and we will always try and provide lessons at a time that is convenient to you. We also offer discounts for students and on lessons booked in a block. We are flexible, helpful and professional at every stage of the learning process which makes us the first choice for your driving lessons.

We completely understand how busy life gets sometimes – we struggle ourselves juggling work, family and social commitments but we have listened to our pupils and realise that by being  adaptable, people choose us. That coupled with our excellent standard of driving tuition and driving instructors really does make us one of the most popular driving schools in the country.

All of our instructors are qualified to a very high level. They are all Advanced Driving Instructors and have been graded in line with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) guidelines. On a regular basis our instructors are observed and assessed by an examiner to ensure they are delivering the high standards of tuition expected by the agency and us. They will be observed over a period of time and then given a grade between of ungraded, 4, 5 or 6. Obviously Grade 6 is the highest grade possible of which around 6% of instructors achieve. On the particular lesson observed, an instructor graded 6 will have proved they can give the best quality tuition. Grade 5, of which around 20% of instructors achieve, shows they have given good instruction which is absolutely acceptable and sufficient. Across the country the pass rates vary only slightly between pupils taught by Grade 5 and 6 instructors. Grade 4 instructors have delivered competent instruction. Here at Andy1st we only have instructors working for us who have achieved a grading 5 or above.

We also have some amazing female driving instructors. For a whole host of reasons someone may wish to prefer to be taught by a woman and this is something we are happy to accommodate. We understand that for different reasons women in particular feel more confident and comfortable with another female. There may have been an unfortunate incident involving a male instructor which has put a pupil on edge or ill at ease. In some religions and cultures women are not permitted to be alone with a man other than their husband and so request a female instructor. Again, our flexibility and desire to please allows us to provide and cater for all your needs.

Our female driving instructors know how difficult it can be juggling work, family and social events – they are masters of it! To this end, they will try and provide tuition at a time that is convenient to you in order to make it easier to fit into your life. Being able to drive and have the freedom and flexibility to take yourself and others different places is great. It helps the juggling no end! Getting yourself to and from work, dropping the kids at clubs, collecting them and then home for tea creates logistical nightmares!  More so if you have to wait for unreliable public transport! So, being able to drive helps you run the errands you need to yet gives you time for yourself too. Our female instructors can provide lessons after you’ve dropped the kids to school, after work or at the weekends. We’ll fit around you.

Learning to drive should be an exciting and fun experience. It has been proven that we learn things far quicker if we enjoy what we’re learning. Our female instructors fully understand that you may be nervous when you begin – don’t forget, they were learners too once you know. If you feel that a female instructor will put you at your ease, then that’s fine. If you’re less nervous, you’ll be able to concentrate on the road more.  It’s all about preference at the end of the day. You can be sure that all of our instructors deliver a high standard of tuition but if you would prefer to be taught by a woman, then we will find you a female instructor in your area. Your instructor will work hard at building a relationship with you and get to know you. That way, they can tailor a package that is just right for you and you’ll learn in the style and at the pace that suits you best.

Please feel free to call our friendly customer service team and ask about female instructors in your area. We are sure you’ll learn effectively and have a lot of fun in the process.