Intensive driving courses in Bolton with Andy1st driving school

Welcome to Andy1st driving school here in Bolton. We have some exciting information to share with you regarding our intensive driving courses. We have some of the best driving instructors in the country, both male and female who can provide tuition in a choice of manual or automatic car. We can also devise a learning plan that is tailored specifically for you. It will take into consideration any previous experience you may have, the time you have available, your budget, if you need to learn quickly and your own individual learning style. Your instructor will take time assessing this information and making a decision on a preferred way forward for you.

If you would prefer to spread the cost and take and pay for your lessons on a regular basis, say weekly, then the traditional weekly lessons route would suit you best. If you are quite a nervous driver and feel as though you want to take things at a moderate pace and have time to digest what you’ve been taught then, again, regular weekly lessons may be the way forward. For those people who have some experience, are quite confident and need to learn in a hurry then your instructor may assess you for an intensive course.

Pupils opt to take this type of course for many reasons. The main ones being time constraints and needing a full licence very quickly. Let us tell you a bit more about how they work. Firstly, as we mentioned, your instructor will assess you and make sure this type of course is suitable for you. They will then see you drive and ask you about any previous experience you have. They will then decide how many lessons they think you would need to get to test standard. This will determine how long your course will be and over what time span. So, for example, your instructor may say that 20 lessons may be sufficient. That could mean that with driving for 5 hours, you could have learnt and passed in just 4 days. If 50 lessons are required, then it will be 10 days and so on.

Those lessons will be booked in a block for you and a mutually convenient time will be arranged. You will take the lessons in the time allocated and complete the course by taking your test immediately after completing the designated number of lessons. This will require some co-ordination as you, your instructor and the test centre will have to negotiate the times and dates together. If you require a full licence for a job you’ve applied for or you need to pass quickly because your University place is farther away than you thought then this type of course is ideal for you.

It is imperative that you take and pass your theory test before embarking on your intensive driving course as you cannot take a practical test until the theory has been passed. That is another consideration to take into account when booking your lessons and test. Do not let that be the stumbling block that hampers you passing quickly.

You can still choose a male or female driving instructor and you can take an intensive course in both a manual or automatic car. We again offer lessons at a convenient time but you will need to set aside a block of time for this type of course. If you are studying, you may need to request the course is out of term times, in the holiday breaks. If you are working, it might mean taking annual leave for a week or so in order to take the course. Whatever the logistics turn out to be for your specific needs you can be sure you will have expert tuition from our fantastic driving instructors.

All instructors are graded from 0-6 in line with the driving Standards Agency’s (DSA) guidelines. This means that on a regular basis the instructors are observed and monitored on lessons and assessed on how well they perform. This helps maintain the standards of tuition across the industry. Here at Andy1st we only have driving instructors who have been graded 5 or 6 therefore, we have some of the best driving instructors in the country.    

The standard of our cars and of our office service is second to none too. Our cars are all maintained to a high level, have dual-controls and are smart, safe and comfortable to drive. If you have any questions relating to your intensive course or anything else related to driving, then our office staff are on hand to help with your query.

We pride ourselves in delivering safe, expert driving instruction and we very much look forward to taking you on this exciting journey. Please feel free to contact us for further information.